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  1. That is a non-answer, because it attacks the reason for why I am doing full scans. I choose to do weekly full scans because I maintain archived software repositories, that sometimes do not test positive, until some point in the future. I want to know where Windows Update keeps files used to restore (roll back) previous versions, so that MB does not waste time, when performing full scans.
  2. Whenever a cumulative Windows Update occurs, the amount of time for performing a full scan increases by 30%, until the old files "roll off" into the bit bucket. I'd like to exclude whatever location these old files are being kept in. Any clue???
  3. I have just began getting this error. The false positive is in the install file AND the installed "uninstall" file. The error occurs in all current version of gVIM, back to gVIM 8.0 before the detection stops.
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