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  1. Ok thank you I might get rid of the asus stuff they are known for causing problems.
  2. Here are the logs after the download. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Ok actually everything did not go well I downloaded the new driver version and then I noticed it was pretty bad so I tried going back to the old one and it didn’t let me so I had to uninstall and that’s when everything went bad I don’t know what I did but my pc was slow so I went back to a restore point and when I loaded everything wasn’t installed it showed blank spots and it was a fresh restore point to so I’m currently doing a fresh install of windows that I installed on my laptop to put on my desktop and after can I return with some frst logs to check that everything is ok?
  4. Ok so I got it working after downloading it so case closed might do some benchmarks to see if it does improve thanks for helping me out and ill make sure to read the website links.
  5. ok I checkup as soon as im done to see if it worked.
  6. So after doing a little bit of searching I think I might have to replace my current drivers with the 20.5.1 this is the link to them. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-20-5-1
  7. here you go the scan files. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Sorry for returning so early but I’ve tried turning on hardware accelerated GPU scheduling because my friend said it gives more FPS and I know if supports 5600 and 5700 series but I’m not seeing it in settings so does that mean it doesn’t support it? My graphics card is rx 5700 xt
  9. Ok thanks that’s what I suspected because I deleted armourycrate but I had to make sure and thank you very much for helping me out again.
  10. Fresh logs incase you need them and one thing frst62 didnt want to update it said failed (3) and just ran the scan. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Ok I deleted everything but before I deleted rouge killer I accidently started a scan again because I was curious if it was a one time use but I let it run like why not and it found something it suprised me but its probably a armoury crate entry because I deleted it yesterday at night but just to make sure here is the results. RogueKiller.txt
  12. ok so my pc got faster I checked if there was a driver update I check everyday and there was one today and it think it fixed it and also I was checking the curr ports and found a suspicous ip connected to port 80 I know thats a common port to connect to but I found it suspicous because of what it was connecting to I forgot the name but this is the ip I did some looking up and found a website that detected it as a proxie but i was wondering if you could check it out but other than that im all good pc running fine and thanks for reashuring me I was all good and should I delete the s
  13. so this is the results but it didnt scan much files it scanned at least 40,000 not even close to the amount malwarebytes scans.rouge.txt
  14. Well my only worries is that my pc is a little slow may I run rougekiller to see if it finds anything as a final scan since the kvrt didn’t go as planned.
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