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  1. Its because I didn't have it on my other system found it suspicious now that that's out of the way should I update the firmware or leave it as it is.
  2. I bought this computer from my cousin because he got a new one everything running fine I didn't transfer data from my old computer to my new one I forgot and at this point I pretty much have all the stuff downloaded I noticed some files that were not on my old computer and my cousin said he did a fresh download of windows before he sold it to me but like I was explaining I seen some odd files that are not on my old system for example a program called ENE.exe and when I click properties it does not show nothing file version, product name, copyright, file description I am going to post a screen shot and I made sure to check that everything was updated but one thing i forgot was my ssd it has some new firmware to download ill also post a screenshot of that too. I found out about the ssd firmware because I had this software on my old pc called dashboard that only supported western digital ssd and this pc also has the same ssd.
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