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  1. mbst-grab-results.zipOK, thank you. Here is the file. I do sometimes find permissions need to be modified to keep things working. I did disable fastboot, but MB still doesn't open every time.
  2. mbst-grab-results_2.zipOK, here are the results of the support tool. PM me for the PW. Thanks!
  3. I have the 'start with windows' setting on, but I have noticed for some time that MB does not appear in the tray every day, more like every few days. I also checked and the MBAMService is not running when the tray icon does not appear. I manage several computers and am careful, so I don't really suspect malware doing this, but I wanted to ask for advice. I have scanned and MB doesn't find anything. I have trouble with some other tray applications not starting automatically as well (Logitech LGS, Logitech HUB, Nvidia icon, sometimes Skype) but most of them do, so I am trying to figure it ou
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