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  1. hello Doctor9fan. Yes, on Friday 4/30, after detecting this problem, I created an account on the malwarebytes site with the email used to buy the license. but when I want to add the license I get the message "The product key you are trying to use is already registered".
  2. Hello Porthos, thanks for responding. I will wait for the support response
  3. (Sorry, I don't speak English well, I'm using a Spanish to English translator, I hope you understand.) Hello, I bought a license on 10/27/2011 which I have installed on a computer with win10. Suddenly on Friday 4/30 I noticed that I had no protection and that he needed to activate the subscription. When I enter my license details, a warning tells me that these details are on another device. at that moment i'm worried and i think my license details have been stolen. I clarify that until that moment I did not have an account on the malwarebytes site. I created it on Friday but I cannot load the license data. I have the confirmation email of the license purchase if you need to verify that I am the owner of said license. please i need to get my license back, thank you I have generated ticket 3448501 for this matter. I attach an image of the email account that I think has stolen my license thanks
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