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  1. Wait it's done ? already ? I thought it would takes days😃 Welle thank you then, you were really helpful ! And for Avira, i thought it was uninstalled long ago ? Oh Well, thanks a lot !
  2. Missclick, next part here : I didn't understand well the part where you said " I don't see anything on the left in the scan menu. Do you mean the Detection History ? In the quarantined items ?
  3. Thanks, I did attach the report in my reply, even if it detected nothing. I didn't understand well the part where you sa report.txt
  4. Hi, so basically, some days ago, I opened an weird .exe file from a just as weird website (i know, i'm not very smart). Since then, some strange things happen to my PC. Like, random and frequently loading from nowhere (the blue ring on the mouse) and Malwarebytes already stopped some outbound connection from Microsoft Edge. With that, i think i might be infected. I linked all necessary files, plus the last etection from Malwarebytes. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I use a broken English, it's not my first language. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes_Log.txt last RTP detection.txt
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