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  1. Hi kevinf80, For now, I'm not facing any persistent issues nor do I have any concerns (besides a tiny sliver of paranoia). After all these steps, I believe it should be safe to say that my computer is clean now. I hope I'm not proven wrong lol Thank you very much for your time and effort helping me clean up my PC! Kind regards, CrimsonSymphony ... As a final request... I do have a thread in a different board about this file (and the entire website's malicious activities in general) that can be found at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/
  2. I followed your instructions, but I must say that your answer template is quite out of date. The options presented by the scanner are nowhere similar to the screenshots in your answer, but I eventually did figure it out. It might be an issue to those with a weaker understanding and grasp of tech. Please find attached results of the scan. It is interesting though that ESET managed to deal with minecraftforge_38876.msi, but Malwarebytes failed to do anything with it. Seems like a change from one antivirus to another will have be in order... but I digress. This option isn't avai
  3. Yeah, these are the results I got as mentioned in the OP. I'm just worried if there's any trace of them on my PC that could be used to stage further attacks. After following all the steps provided by you, there shouldn't be anything left, right? Even the positives that we found were mostly from different disks that are not related to these. Well I do have a license and a Premium account. I'm just astonished that these files just went under the radar, and that active protection did not do anything to halt installation. This is a concern that is shaking my faith in the softwa
  4. Dear kevinf80, Please find requested attachments and detailed replies to your instructions. 1. FRST (Fixlog.txt) Ran as requested. Restarted at the end of the procedure. 2. Sophos Free Virus Removal Tool (SophosVirusRemovalTool.log & SophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4.log... as well as SophosVirusRemovalTool (2).log & SophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4 (2).log) Ran as requested. The scan discovered 5 "viruses", but none related to my issue in the opening post. The attached "(2)" logs are the files after pressing "Start Cleanup". From the looks of things, it s
  5. Dear kevinf80, Please find requested attachments and detailed replies to your instructions. Please note that I previously ran Microsoft's Safety Scanner first and before the other items on this list, as I was waiting for a reply on this thread. Thus, the results would be a few days old and may affect the details of the other instructions which I have followed today. 1. Malwarebytes (202105080446 Malwarebytes Premium 4.3.0 scan results.txt) Ran as requested. Note that I have already run Malwarebytes several times previously on Monday when I first got suspicious. In both "before a
  6. This is a repost from this thread coming from a different board as suggested. --- Hello, Malwarebytes forum! Would like to report the existence of malware, of files coming out of the following URL: https://planetlemoncraft.com/ The website Planet Lemoncraft has been known for a long time for providing alternate download links for modifications for the game popular game Minecraft, which is hosted by themselves. Unfortunately for me, I was negligent in my vigilance this time and I downloaded one of the files from their server, called "Minecraft Forge", which is supposed to be
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