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  1. Also i wanted to add that Event is "RTP detection" and event details is Trojan and action is "website blocked". Does that mean the site tried to do something malicious and malwarebytes blocked it , or does it mean it blocked the site from showing to google image results due to site being blacklisted?
  2. Hi, so as the title says i am getting notifications that some site is getting blocked usually due to trojan.The thing is i dont visit the site i just see images on google image search.Sometimes the site blocked is also different from the one the image i look comes from.I also searched "is .... .com site safe" to check if it is safe or not and again i got a site blocked due to trojan notification. Now i really dont mind the notifications, i am mostly worried and want to ask: can i get a virus just by google image search or just google searching and getting a malicious site in the google results even if i dont even click on them?
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