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  1. By the way, just notice that Malwarebytes take alot of ram when i just start my computer. I took a screenshot, and you can see under the ESET Antivirus running with less ram. Its supposed to be like that, its normal and usually malwarebytes take this amount of ram capacity?
  2. Hello everyone, I use utorrent and my malwarebytes detect it as a malware. At first it was the exe file installation, but i exclude it and install. After that i recognize its scan and identified the files as infected files. Because of that i exclude the folder of uTorrent but i dont know what the different between the 3 options: Exclude from all detections Exclude from detection as malware or potentially unwanted item only Exclude from detection as ransomware only I want to know what the difference between them and what recommended to choose for using u
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