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  1. THANK YOU,I finally got rid of it
  2. Scaning with malwarebytes shows nothing but when I open internet explorer it still forces me to use ad-aware browser
  3. Sadly,the ad-aware Browser is still on my laptop. everytime I restart it the malware returns
  4. Addition_03-05-2021 09.12.53.rar
  5. LOGS.rarforgot to zip it up,sorry
  6. This file contains every log that has been requested in order
  7. The Logs are marked as spam so can you provide another way of communication,Sorry for the inconvinence
  8. I will provide any requested files and infromation
  9. About a week ago I had some performance issues on my laptop,so I scaned with malwarebytes and I found adware in the registry so I quarantined it and deleted it. I restarted my laptop and I scaned again and it returned,for a week I (used adwcleaner)(scaned multiple times)(reinstaled Internet explorer)(used avast)(asked my friend for a solution)(filled my search history trying to find a solution)(had a mental breakdown).Can anyone help me please?
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