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  1. Hi Kevin, Thank to @picasso for the great work as well! I will send you a small donation/gesture for helping me out. It's not much, but it's all I can miss for now... Let me know what needs to be done to clean up my PC. Yours sincerely, Omar
  2. Hi Kevin, Good news: The extension is gone now! Thank you so much for helping me out! You've done some pretty great work here... So can you tell me more about this virus I've had? Was it a Trojan Horse? Do you think that my PC is clean now? Omar
  3. The zip file is too large to attach. Maybe I can PM you this file?
  4. FRST0509.txtAddition0509.txt Here are the FRST logs you asked for :)
  5. Hiya Kevin, Thank you for your commitment for helping me out to get rid of this virus, appreciated! Catch you up later! Omar
  6. Hi man, I am not home for the weekend! But I will try tomorrow. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
  7. Scan Information Product Name    :  Zemana AntiMalware Scan Status    :  Completed Scan Date    :  5/7/2021 2:19:21 PM Scan Type    :  Smart Scan Scan Duration    :  00:00:23 Scanned Objects    :  2297 Detected Objects    :  1 Excluded Objects    :  0 Auto Upload    :  True OS
  8. I can't seem to find an application/file that is named Jooko.
  9. Jup, I tried rebooting my PC and the folder C:\ProgramData\Cljpjcy came back...
  10. For one second, I really thought that this was the solution, but the extension appeared again in my browser 😅
  11. It detected and cured a Trojan horse miner! Although the extension is still there. The attached report is not readable.
  12. Hiya Kevin, The extension came back when I had disconnected from the internet and restarted my browser, which means that the extension is coming from my system :(.
  13. I haven't been doing sensitive tasks on my PC since last week. I am afraid that it will leak sensitive information again, just like last week when they used my FaceBook and Instagram account... I am not gonna let this happen again. I am really pissed of that this is happening to me. I am preparing for the worst, which is doing a total reset of my PC, which is very unfortunate since I am a music producer and I have loads of music, banks and plugins on my PC. Unless there are alternatives to get rid of this virus? Thanks for helping me out though.
  14. Hi Kevin, The "xSysChrome'' extension automatically returns when I restart my browser.
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