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  1. Ok I have uninstalled McAfee, now what? Or am I in the clear? Do you think I still have a virus?
  2. Yea I have mcafe, it came installed on this computer but it expired. I got a trial for 30 days with ESET, and ok I will go update zoom; I'll uninstall the other anti viruses that I dont need. Is that all? Is my PC clean now :)???
  3. Also I dont know if this effects, but I accidently created a restore point where the viruses were also on my computer; what should I do about that?
  4. So I launched the scan, (offline one), however, I did not get any notification of a threat or any actual notification of the scan? It just boosted up normally. Is that normal?
  5. Also, can't I just uninstall google chrome since I think the virus is embedded there; also did the hacker try attacking me? It came "outbound" to me according to malwarebytes; sorry if I am asking too many questions. Just giving this again incase it doesnt work. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  6. and sorry about the web surfing; I just try to do my school work I'll try to stop. I dont do anything else other than that. I'll use my chromebook to do it next time. Thanks.
  7. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log And yup I had everything closed! It went on for around 4+ hours. Heres the image of what it said + the log i think so
  8. Just wanted to show you this. I will be doing the sophus scan soon, but this happened today!
  9. My younger brother also plays on this computer, so its often used by him and he hasn't been able to use it.
  10. These are the files, thank you maurice so much for your aid. You have really relieved my stress. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Also one more thing; I've been noticing that my system disk usage is extremely high and its slowing down my computer! Is there anyway to fix this?
  12. So am I safe now? Should I change all my passwords, because I had them all saved on chrome and also had all my other passwords saved on text files which were literally on my desktop
  13. Thi sis what I got, Im confused though about what you mean by " have all detected lines items check-marked on each line on the left. That too is very critical. You can actually click ( tick ) the topmost left check-box on the very top line to get ALL lines ticked ( all selected). 👈 🔻 Then click on Quarantine selected."
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