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  1. OK. Can't do it for several days. I will post back. Thanks
  2. Do everything in one run or just try removing bonjour first?
  3. log files attached. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt Malwarebytes scan ctRoyce.txt
  4. Same problem, specifically feed-5613.coderformylife.info. vfgrse.com cleared up on its own This solution did not work for me. Malware bytes did not find anything. The only active extensions are from Google like google docs offline. There was an option in Malwarebytes to whitelist the site which I tried. What's the point if it still blocks it which is doing and throwing up the popups every hour? I also tried setting the site IP to in hosts. Tried blocking the site at the main firewall. Nothing has worked. I have 10 licensed machines with 10 annoyed users. If there is no way around thi
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