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  1. Block Report.txtScan Report.txt Please see the attached. I am still getting the block alerts, but it is a lot less frequent. Before alert popped up every minute now alert is popping up every 10 min. Thank you
  2. Hi, Please see the attached fixlog. Thank youFixlog.txt
  3. Detection.txtGood morning, Please see the attached detection report. I will try the fix you suggested when I am back from work today. Thanks
  4. Addition.txtFRST.txt Hello, Files attached. Thank you Malwarebytes.txt AdwCleaner[S01].txt
  5. Hi, Website blocked due to trojan warning keeps popping up, but nothing show up when I run scan. I just reinstalled windows using USB and deleted all old partitions. Only Malwarebytes is installed on this computer. Please help. Thank you,
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