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  1. false positive of vibersetup and java jre Jabswitch ( adopopenjdk openj9 version old v11-0-10 & new v11-0-11 ) From searching of the forum i see someone also reported about jabswitch when i was doing this post (i just included it to be complete) Jabswitch old v11-0-10 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/acf50d64f47496e72a917e5be7eb186853d0d258a861e48092a0db228ea6353e/detection https://metadefender.opswat.com/results/file/bd09b75640482def51a1be2446ba23b2/hash/overview?lang=en jabswitch new v11-0-11 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/108bd842e08107e6af785de31c487cd48927d8fb53
  2. it doesn't blocked anymore and not reproduceable so I assume it fixed itself just happened 2 times wasn't able to screenshot it though I guess it can be closed now
  3. me third its blocking something in google chrome and microsoft edge (both chromium) extension page sadly wasnt able to get the screenshot and maybe just after upgrading to version 2.2.24 cant seem to reproduce it though just to say extension installed are ublock origin comodo security pro ghostery bitdefender traffic light avast online security noscript
  4. Ok confirmed its no longer being detected
  5. found a way to get the files you need to use the "Run" to get to the Assembly folder it is still being detection logs & Files Attached detection zip password is 123 the Virustotal URL Detections.zip MbamNewApr302021.txt
  6. Sadly i cant seem to scan it with virustotal it wont let me select it or even copy the file to upload it even using admin unless there are other way to copy it Attach screenshot showing selecting the file
  7. The Google search message is now gone ( though i cant go to comodo fourm but can go to comodo i heard there are intemitent problem comodo side) there was an internet interruption last night i restarted the router and already have a different Public IP address note: there are 2 Standard user, 1 Admin Acct, (2 other accidentaly created haven't open those acct yet) Attached 2 set of FRST log "AdminPriv(FRST/Addition).txt" one using the Admin Acct w/ Admin Privilege "User(FRST/Addition).txt" using the Standard User Acct w/ run as Admin RKLog run as admin no dete
  8. on March my mom asking me to open a webinar on a legitimate website i didnt notice i misclick a malicious adware the browser did stop it at first because of certificate i guess but becasue my mother is late and making me to hurry up for the webinar and i know its a legitimate website i continued it redirected to another site then lots of colordialog popups at that time i was still using the mcaffee lifesave trial that came with the laptop it was able to block something but there still popup and the adware is design only to show when your cursor is near on the menu and can easily be misc
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