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  1. I wrote the previous on my iPhone while all the installs were taking place. Apple gave the appearance that it attached the zip file, but alas it did not. So here is the zip file that was gathered. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Is this still in beta? I just BSO’D on that driver. As far as I know I’m up to date. (Yeah, I could tell you what release... BSOD crawls dumping 12Gb I guess...) Okay, I was on 4.1.2, and when it rebooted it let me know of 4.3.0. What makes it a 0x139 MWAC BSOD? This looks different than above, bugcheck D1, (00000000’00000008, 00000000’00000002, 00000000’00000000. fffff802’821759a1), from ntoskrnl.exe+407d69. Obviously to mwac that was at mwac.sys+159a1. I was not using a VPN at the time, pulse or otherwise. So to be on the safe side I downloaded the MWB support tool, but given
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