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  1. Hello, I know this is an old thread, sorry to disturb. I made a post about a similar issue, do you think the same applies to me and there is nothing to worry about? :)
  2. Hello, I'm new here! So I was playing CSGO two days ago and Avast, my primary AV gave a silent notification about blocking something saying; "We have safely aborted the connection to udp:/ since it was infected with Botnet:Blacklist". I didn't notice the notification until the day after (yesterday). I tried to ignore it but downloaded Malwarebytes to do a scan of the computer, as a second opinion. Everything was clean, from all scans. Defender, Avast and Malwarebytes. Then yesterday after the scans I started playing CSGO again. I think I was on a private server practicing against bots, but might have just played on community server, or just browsed the community servers list, I do not remember. I had been on community servers the day before anyway, and pretty sure earlier that same day. When I'm in the private server with bots I get two notifications from Malwarebytes (Premium Trial with the active protection), one following closely after the other, saying that it had blocked two different websites (IP's). Malwarebytes says that the file was: csgo.exe and one IP blocked was marked as "Trojan" and the other as "Compromised". This is scary since it has never happened to me before, and I've played since the beginning of CSGO. Is it a false positive or could this actually be something in CSGO that is trying to infect me? Nothing was effecting the game, I didn't get disconnected or anything, if it wasn't for the popups I would have never noticed it blocking something. I tried googling it a bit but found little to nothing, the IP's looks to be CSGO servers but I do not recall connecting to them, not recently at least. One IP was flagged on virustotal.com however. I found an older thread here earlier about a similar issue https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/233108-website-blocked-csgo-server/?tab=comments#comment-1256662 , not sure if it can be applied to my situation though? I'll post the IP's here for anyone who is interested, Avast didn't provide me with the IP it blocked however, but the two IP's that Malwarebytes blocked are: and Should I worry about a virus or should I be calm and this is just some misunderstanding from the AV's? Thanks in advance! P.S. Please take in consideration I'm not an expert at computers!
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