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  1. Received. Thanks very much. Really Appreicate the professionalism and the courtesy,.
  2. Alright. One more question please. If we had the SMS collection to a foreground and keep the transmission to background, would MalwareBytes have detected it? Could you tell us what exactly caused the detection please. I am asking this as we want to make changes to the SDK so that even in the future it doesn't get flagged anywhere. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks very much for the very prompt response. Does this mean that any future applications that use the Algo360 SDK will not be flagged as malware? or would you deal with it on a case by case basis? Also, please let us know if it is the latter, if there's anything that can be done to make it a permanent thing. If required, we can constantly let you know of any new app we integrate with so that you guys can check it out and mark it as a good application? Let us know at the earliest. Thanks very much for your help.
  4. Dear MalwareBytes team, I am from Algo360 - An underwriting solution that leverages SMS data for generating credit scores and helping in financial inclusion and creditworthiness analysis. We form an integral part of India's digital lending ecosystem by providing credit scores for unbanked Indians in a matter of seconds. As SMS information is critical to the formulation of our lending score, we have devised an Android SDK (which goes into our client applications - like banks and other financial corporations) that displays appropriate notices to the customer about their data collection, get
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