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  1. so is there another reason it keeps updating then? this never used to happen when i had internet explorer 11 before
  2. ok so i installed internet explorer 11,but when i went to windows update and change settings its already on never check for updates
  3. i installed those updates yesterday and now it works fine
  4. i happened to notice it said something about needing internet explorer 11,i cant install that right now without it auto updating everytime i shut down my pc or turn it on,is there a way i can disable this so where i can reinstall internet explorer 11 again because right now i have whatever older version it stuck me with after i uninstalled internet explorer 11
  5. ok,but is this like something that recently got changed? because ive had no issues with malwarebytes until today
  6. id rather keep windows 7,windows 10 seems like it had or still has privacy and security issues plus i like the UI of windows 7 better,regardless.malwarebytes has worked perfectly fine for the longest time with my operating system until today when it was doing the update thing after i ran it
  7. so now what? do i post the log thing that got saved or what?
  8. im using windows 7 64 bit and when i hit the scan thing on my malwarebytes it said it was missing a windows security update
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