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  1. @AdvancedSetup Thanks so much! I assume my system is OK now. And would this farbar tool tell you anything about those data recovery softwares I installed and later uninstalled? Was it possible that some malware was mixed in them and caused some data breach, and somehow got uninstalled when I uninstalled the data recovery programs? I know this sounds like a stupid question lol, and I assume a malware won't just let itself be uninstalled easily. And the fact that neither of my antivirus/malware softwares detected anything probably meant that there was never anything? I know you guys won't b
  2. @AdvancedSetup Hello! File attached, and thanks in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hi guys, Long story short, I discovered that my email account was compromised, and really couldn't figure out how. I have been really careful about what I click and download, and the password was unique to this account (never accessed the account using public wifi either). I also have both paid antivirus program and Malwarebytes premium installed. BUT, I did download and install a few data recovery programs not long ago, which were all uninstalled not long ago too. I did check if those softwares were reputable and scanned them with antivirus program before installing. There was no indicat
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