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  1. oh, (for clarification) unless you meant it was a legitimate programme/app that just got marked as Trojan (which I took it as meaning) or did you mean my trouble/detection seemed legitimate?
  2. I have had no other Detections since, I left my pc running for a few hours a couple of times, Yesterday and a day or so before, and still have none. As to the thing about it seeming Legitimate I'm kinda lost. I have had Chrome going and possibly did when it happened, although I also have Duck Duck go as a plug in I believe. Huge thanks for your patience as well dude. I have to go out for a bit now, but will keep everything on and running, anything else we can do or look at? BTW I still have the Roguekiller app, although have it stopped atm. should I use this instead of
  3. Ill let it run today while doing shower and food and stuff, partner just wants to watch stuff on telly so not sure if I can be "active" so much while it does...
  4. Hi Kev. It seems they have,.. although I haven't been able to use my pc until now... work weight for Covid :( Ill check back, especially if they do.
  5. no no more detections or block since talking to you. glad it seems ok, I use this pc for a few thing gaming aside and don't want things being messed with. I have this thread bookmarked too but need to go bed, Work work, as the old orcs say xD Thanks for your time today Kevin mate, but me alarm just went off. :( went through quite a few things. the Taiwan thing though is intriguing.. unless Virgin has farmed out? lol anyways gotta go.
  6. It was an, apparently standard M/S notice saying if I changed it leave it if I didn't then change it, I don't have the actual "link" it was more a box from MS. I've seen them before kind of like the Pin notice you get occasionally, it left no log/record that i can find though without logging into M/S. I should have Screenied it maybe
  7. at least the rogue killer told me a few programs I need to update, and have xD
  8. Ok I have dl'd it and am running it. it made me go through quite a few pages of choices and just nexted all, and didn't enable the Beta one. It did not let me use desktop but instead only program's folder. I use the blue scan all button as per.. Result below, but it said nothing. I googled the website its a phone comms data and vpn company, I only use a vpn (Orebot) on my phone and do not have it synched with my pc. Still Huge thanks for going through this with me so far :) RKlog.txt
  9. ya I have LibreOffice. I do not use Outlook, I have Microsoft email (i know not the best) No I do not know anything about the company in Taiwan. I had a notice in my pc notifications asking had I changed M/S password? which I had not done, I changed it again using the link in the notifications, when I had changed it I got 2 more detections for that website.
  10. Okidoo! this is all that was in the logs folder. FRST_25-04-2021 16.07.32.txt Addition_25-04-2021 16.07.32.txt
  11. Oh! ok sorry will do. :) ADW scan only preinstalled items I quarantined and cleaned anyway, Ill post both logs, then on to the FRST log (in uploaded files). # ------------------------------- # Malwarebytes AdwCleaner # ------------------------------- # Build: 03-22-2021 # Database: 2021-04-20.1 (Cloud) # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support # # ------------------------------- # Mode: Scan # ------------------------------- # Start: 04-25-2021 # Duration: 00:00:22 # OS: Windows 10 Home # Scanned: 31984 # Detected: 5 ****
  12. I didn't worry about the Rimworld thing because M.W.B detected Valheim as a trojan too and i had to whitelist that so thought Rimworld was the same. but the Taiwan thing, (Category: TrojanDomain: hl.itpison.comIP Address: ) I have no idea about.
  13. Hi huge thanks for getting back to me. Now, I have just done the new scan twice and its come up no threats. This means there is no new log to paste, nor anything listed to Quarantine. There ARE 2 logs from this morning RTP detection (I have pasted the later one below). Does this mean there is nothing to worry about? The Data said it originated in my pc and was trying to contact the site in Taiwan. (Note: there is more questions after this post with a second pasted report) I'm sorry but trying to be complete. Do I still need the next steps if there is no detections
  14. "I had an account notice saying there has been a change to my account possibly a password change." Sorry to be complete: this refers to Microsoft account.
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