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  1. Good to know! Thanks. Is there a page that I missed on the app's page on Malwarebytes.com on what to do if...? I will set up a shortcut to there is.
  2. Great. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  3. That did it. In case anyone reads this thread later..... With the Reviews page activated, I had to go into the Extensions Icon in the top right corner, click on Browser Guard and it opened to the page image you displayed. I played with the items on the list and found the one at fault "display.ugc.bazaarvoice.com". What a pain, but it worked! Should I notify someone to make modifications to accomodate this "page"? Porthos, thanks!!!!
  4. OK. Where would I inf the green check or that Properties screen.?
  5. BTW- I don't get a pop up or message. Maybe those are blocked, too!!
  6. That looks like the ticket, Porthos! Just don't know where to find the green check mark. Its not on the Extensions page. Thanks!
  7. For the last few weeks, I have unable to access reviews on Costco.com. Turns out that I have to disable the Browser Guard extension in Chrome to make it work again. Please fix. I already removed in and re-downloaded/installed to the same effect. Closed Chrome and re-opened, too. Thanks.
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