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  1. Twitter says @PCReviewUK can’t be messaged
  2. Good idea, I have used FaceBook too often when there was no email-like message facility.
  3. That URL says I am Spam Blocked, so I need an email not a URL.
  4. BTW, does anyone have a valid email at pcreview.co.uk? When I log in I am told I am spam blocked and to contact the administrators if I feel this is wrong (I do). But their web site locks me out of all facilities and shows no usable email, nor do they support some usual email ids like abuse@whatever. I cannot even log out, so there is there is no way to change my password, contact the administrators, clear my name, read the message waiting there or log out. It seems pretty goofy! I searched my email and I never got an email from them except many years of monthly summary ones and a welcome
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