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  1. Hi Maurice, The only option that I could get to work was Microsoft Defender Offline scan. After it ran there was still some minutes where the mouse controls seemed to be reversed (rick-click working as left-click). But then I was able to connect to the internet again & download MalwareBytes. I now have it installed & a scan ran without any issues detected so it seems like the Microsoft Defender Offline scan did the trick for this case. The pc seems to be running fine now. Thanks you sooooo much for helping me with this!!!
  2. Hello, I think my pc has a virus. I had MalwareBytes free and now I cannot run any anti-virus pgms & other functions are not working properly (I have to use arrows to make selections as mouse clicks do not work properly now). Please help me get rid of the virus and get MalwareBytes installed again. I cannot run or install MalwareBytes currently so just have the 2 logs attached. I also now have no internet capabilities on the infected pc but luckily have another pc so I can submit this issue to you. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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