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  1. Thank you very much for letting me know. Those are files uploaded through our ticketing system, any html file in that directory already gives 403, I don't know why they were flagged, probably some old cache: However I have now permanently deleted them. Thank you
  2. I have some clients that reported some subdomains of trafficmanager.com being blocked, I am not able to reproduce the issue because I don't have malwarebytes premium. This is one for example, the site https://affiliates.realdoll.com/ got blocked because the DNS is a CNAME of realldoll-com.trafficmanager.com TrafficManager.com is a SaaS service for advertising networks, it may have happened in the past that some of our clients delivered ads with malware site using our subdomains, now we don't let them use subdomains of trafficmanager.com anymore, so there is no way traffi
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