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  1. We just submitted a few websites that were being blocked and you cleared them, so we're looking forward to them being opened up after the next update. We have a different system being hosted on a different web server that is getting the same message. Can you check into whitelisting this server, as well? Following are a couple domains on that server. https://dutchwayfarmmarket.shoptocook.com/store/ https://myfoodbazaar.shoptocook.com/store/ Thanks, Matt
  2. Our websites are being blocked by Malwarebytes with a message indicating that there might be a trojan horse. How do we get that message removed and our server whitelisted? We are being warned of it by many of our clients that use Malwarebytes. There are hundreds of domains accessing the same server, so I cannot list them all here, but here are a couple. https://foodbazaardata.shoptocook.com https://images.shoptocook.com We would appreciate a quick response. Thanks, Matt
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