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  1. Greetings Everyone ! I have a windows 10 Pro machine that IU run a 3cx sip based Telephone system on . I ran Malwarebytes adware cleaner this am and now my phone system stopped working as the devices will not register on my PC ! I checked the logs but could not find anything that would have interfered or stopped this application from running . I went back in and reviewed the Malwarebytes Premium running also but nothing states that it performed any service against a 3CX application . What I found was that somehow ALL of my 3CX Processes were shut down . I have no idea how this occurred but Malwarebytes adware cleaner was the only thing that ran as it found some PUP's and displayed them but nothing on my 3CX app . Hope someone in the future if they ever have an issue can read this ! Maybe some other app running my have a similar issue !
  2. Thx for the help ! I have a few traces that captured the download to Akamai but I am not sure of what is running as I have checked just about eve3rything I can think of , add remove , processes services and more . Help about this is sketchy as it is acknowledged as an issue to some but no solution on how to stop it . I'll start there and download TCPView
  3. Good Morning and Thank You for the answers ! The scanner came back negative and nothing was found . I downloaded a copy of the scanner report I also removed Bonjour per your recommendation and thx for the tip . That said , I will continue to search on why I am downloading to different iup addresses like Akamai etc. Looks like all is well for now and I'll post if and when I can find a solution for the ip addresses etc. Thank You again Regards Rich OnlineScannerLog.txt
  4. OK Had some time today to finish up the scan etc. Files are posted Note that I added in reports form last week when I performed the first scan and found the origianl problems ! Thx Addition.txtFRST.txty t9AM April 28 report.txt11AM#2 April 22.txt11AM April22.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  5. Good Morning Per your instructions , I am running my scans Adware cleaner etc. and will be completed ion an hour or so . But I came across something very strange . My resource monitor is showing network traffic to multiple sites ( See screen shot ) I am amazed at how many chrome sites have IP Addresses or domain names showing downloading etc. This machine is running a 3CX telephone system hence 3cx networking etc. Any idea as to how to stop these ? Looking around now for info to see if I can find out whats going on and how to stop these as well
  6. Hello and Thank You for the follow up ! Got very busy today but will complete this task in the am as I have been working on other issues for my Cusotmers Apologies and Thx for the follow up !
  7. Good Morning Thx for reaching out ! I will get on this asap on Monday as I will be busy the weekend . I appreciate you answering as this is driving me nuts . I ran a complete Malwarebytes custom scan twice this week as it took for both C D and K drives over 7 hours to complete . I let it run overnight but the quick scan set to run at 2 AM stopped the complete scan I thinnk it completed but not sure so I will run it again today or Tomorrow whereby I can see it complete .. I was amazed that it took so long as the quick scan takes about 15 minutes ? , somewhere around that time frame . I will follow your instructions and reply back when complete . Again Thank You for the reply ! Regards Rich
  8. Hi Folks Reaching out to see if I could get some assistance trying to trace out this issue as it is driving me crazy ! Below is an email I sent to Microsoft abuse in re to finding IP Addresses downloading off my Pro 10 pc ! I have researched off the web and found one issue with Akamai but I don't know how to resolve it whether it is a program or some sort of virus / malicious code etc. I have moved my critical data over to an external drive in order to keep an eye on My Data and away from my pc . Scanned yesterday and found some viruses listed below : https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/malware-heuristic/ ( parser_REV80B3.RAR ) I removed quite a few of these off my external drive as I was shocked as I run scans almost every day as I have been shutting my external down a lot and yesterday did a HUGE all day scan and found 22 of these parser_REV80B3.RAR downloads on it ! Due to isolating this external drive , I did not do any scans recently due to being protected ( Or I thought so ) Are there any tools that I could use to further check ? I did a re install about 6 months ago and thought with Malwarebytes I would be ok but not sure how these got on here ! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I see my network trace fill up with traffic being sent out ! I also have another trace with much more detail in it as well . Letter to Microsoft abuse email and awaiting reply : Good Morning , After having issues on my pc , I performed a network trace and found Microsoft downloading info off my pc ! IP Addresses : Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Akamai VERY Concerned that someone is downloading info via these IP Addresses belonging to Microsoft ! Trace if the event included – Too large to post – 75.6 meg pls give a site to download if you need to review as I would be happy to share !! Could You please tell me why this is occurring as I have no services for Microsoft Akamai or any other cloud services depending on Microsoft Akamai or any other platform . A TLS session opened and numerous packets downloading to the above IP Addrress known as Azure and Akamai Not knowing what exactly is downloaded , the trace shows a tls session Hello starting ( ) then proceeds to download to the above mentioned addresses clearly showing Microsoft and Akamai ! Why is this occurring ? I have a network trace but It is too large tio send as it is not able to email ! 75.5 meg … No one should be downloading without my permission especially Microsoft or Akamai as are you downloading all of my personal information ? This concerns me very much to think Microsoft is using this data without my permission !! I await a reply ! Internet issues.zip
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