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  1. Thank you both for this update. We will verify and advise if anything further is needed.
  2. Per private message, this block has been removed. Would any moderator be able to tell us if the database update has been released and with which Update Package Version so we can verify?
  3. Hello @TeMerc and @JPopovic , This is a truly unreasonable amount of time to await your response for such a critical, business interrupting event. Either, this is a False Positive and should be removed at once, or your should provide what your findings are that indicate that there is a credible threat so that we can further investigate to remove. Please respond to me immediately, either to my Malwarebytes User Inbox or directly via email to my address on-file, and NOT on through this forum. We appreciate your assistance and expect to hear from you immediately to bring this to resolut
  4. Please advise ASAP as this causing our clients and our customers major issues in accessing our sites and platforms. If you have legitimate reason to block the site, please advise what is the nature, name, and location of the malicious code that has been found as we have done a code review and do not find anything. I am available to speak on the phone regarding this if that is a more effective form of communication rather than doing this over public forums. Please email my user account privately if needed. Please advise immediately. Thank you.
  5. Thank you TeMerc. Would you have an ETA on this?
  6. Hello, Please review https://www.shiva.com/ ASAP for false-positive results. Malwarebytes started blocking this site yesterday afternoon and we have found no evidence of any trojan on the site. Thank you, NS - COO, shiva.com
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