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  1. Hi, our website https://topnjdentist.net/ was hacked in early April. We have since removed infected files and moved the website to a new server with new IP address. I'm requesting the site to be whitelisted. Let me know you need additional info.
  2. Hi, I have put in multiple whitelist request for dentallearning.net. Due to the importance our our site being safe for our users we have moved our website to a different AWS server and have installed optimal WAF security as of today 5/3/2021. It appears that malwarebytes is currently blocking our website. I'm requesting that you please whitelist our site. Let me know if you need additional information. Thank you!
  3. Our dentallearning.net website is still blacklisted for malicious files/phishing. We have attempted scans on our side with no luck. how can we locate the trouble files and remove them using malwarebytes?
  4. Hi, I am the web administrator for Dentallearning.net. One of our smaller wordpress websites which was hosted on the same server was hacked last week. We have addressed the security issue and disabled the gateway site. But our dentallearning.net domain is appearing as unsafe for users who have Malwarebytes. What can we do to whitelist our domain again? We are a continuing education site for dentist in the US. Please assist. Let me know if you need additional information.
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