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  1. Last scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner completely removed virus. Thank you for time and quick solution.
  2. Miner is back :( I really don't know how to remove this :/
  3. Hello, almost 24 hours have passed and no virus has been observed so far. Good job guys! i will wait couple of hours to be 100% sure and then i will write what i did.
  4. msert.log yes i run safety scanner couple days ago. i attached log. i removed 3 tasks from task scheduler.
  5. Thank you for reply. In attachment you can find list of task scheduler and autorun logs, however i cannot i cannot do reg export -sub folder bam does not exist. I will clear cashe right away. taskScheduler.txt SP2013CORE.zip
  6. I don't need need to reboot it. I will monitor when this task start again. I ve already checked task scheduler and didn't find any suspicion task. It is possible to be under Microsoft section?
  7. Sorry this was command line from task manager not from task scheduler.
  8. Hello, i am receiving pop'ups concerning "website blocked due to Trojan pool.minexmr.com cmd.exe I ve already killed cmd.exe process.i run adwcleaner,malwarebytes, frst64, windows defender and still getting pop'ups
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