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  1. AdvancedSetup and mbressman, thanks for your responses and suggestions. It looks like the problem is fixed and the Avast virus protection can again update. Here is what happened: Per AdvancedSetup’s suggestion, I temporarily disabled Avast’s real-time protection and then attempted to remove instup.dll from Malwarebytes’ quarantine. Was still unable to remove the file from quarantine. I went to the link AdvanccdSetup provided and downloaded an Avast installer file using one of the links from the web page. I ran the installer file without first uninstalling Avast, which I was reluctant to do unless necessary. When I launched the Avast installer file, right away Malwarebytes quarantined it. I then went to the Avast web site and downloaded an installer file directly from Avast. It didn’t look promising when I saw that the file name was exactly the same as the first one I downloaded that Malwarebytes quarantined, but this one ran. Shortly it displayed a message that it couldn’t work because the file instup.dll was missing, but it continued to run. When it finished, from all appearances the updated Avast software was present with updated virus definitions. The file instup.dll is back where it should be and from what I can see to this point, everything is working now. mbressman, I think you are correct about the reason I was seeing multiple instances of the instup.dll file in the Malwarebytes quarantine. After attempting to remove it from quarantine I wasn’t seeing it back where it belonged and Avast continued to say it couldn’t update. I still wonder why I wasn’t able to remove the file from the Malwarebytes quarantine. I think you are also correct about not needing to be concerned about the file continuing to display in the quarantine list after the Avast install ran and put the file back in place, since Avast now seems to be working since that was done. Again, thanks to you both for your help. AdvancedSetup, my compliments to you as well for the detailed instructions you gave on what to do and how to do it, including the links you provided to what you were suggesting for me. Best regards, Jim
  2. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thanks for your response. I am attaching a 7z file with the First.txt and Addition.txt files generated from the scan done by the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool . Please let me know if I have provided you with what you asked for. Thanks again for your help! Farbar_Recovery_Logs_042121.7z
  3. Porthos, thanks for your response and for the tip. I have restarted the computer and am still unable to remove the Avast instup.dll file from the quarantine list. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me what else i can do to remove the instup.dll from quarantine and regain the ability to update the Avast application and its virus definitions.
  4. I still need some help at this point. I see the post from cli that a fix has been distributed and the response from mbressman that the fix worked. I have updated the Malwarebytes database to version v2021.04.21.01 but still have Avast instup.dll file showing four times in the Malwarebytes Quarantine listing. Pressing Restore All' or highlighting any of the four listings of instup.dll and pressing 'Restore' still does not remove any of them from the Quarantine listing. I tried to locate instup.dll in the Windows Explorer in the location shown in the Malwarebytes quarantine listing to do a right-click menu scan of it, but do not see the file shown in the Windows Explorer display. I am still unable to update the Avast software or its virus definitions. How can this be fixed?
  5. I do not believe this has been fixed. I have the Malwarebytes database updated to version v2021.04.20.04 and Malwarebytes continues to show C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\setup\instup.dll as quarantined. I am unable to update the Avast application or its virus definitions. When I go into the Quarantine display it lists the Avast instup.dll four times with "Trojan.Dropper" shown in the "Vendor" column. If I select 'Restore All' or highlight any of the four listings of instup.dll and press 'Restore,' nothing happens and the items remain in the quarantine display. Please advise.
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