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  1. DCP

    Can not connect to server

    This has stopped working again 😔
  2. DCP

    Can not connect to server

    That's now worked!! thanks for the help and support
  3. DCP

    VPN stopped working

    I tried this and the the VPN wasn't on the list to - it. I am running the new M1 apple chip in my Mac if this makes a difference.
  4. DCP

    VPN stopped working

    I'm all up to date.
  5. DCP

    VPN stopped working

    Step 3 wasn't there. As in the VPN wasn't on the list
  6. DCP

    Can not connect to server

    Mac. I failed to mention, I have also tried to change locations
  7. HI. I have recently downloaded both Malware protection and Malware Privacy. My friend had a spare activation key and sent it over to me to use. I managed to get it all sorted until it came to connecting to the server in which it keeps bringing up the message.. "Unable to connect Unable to connect to VPN server. Try again." I have tried switching wifi devices, restarting and also shutting down and switching my device back on an nothing seems to help or make any differance. Has anyone have any suggestions?
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