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  1. Yes you explained this very well. So windows 10 is the malware. Got it. Like I said I've only been using win 10 just since I got this computer over a year ago feb. Since when did local network and network service get so much control over group policies? Since Win 10 again? The system administrator seems to have a lot of power too over permissions? I know this is gonna sound nuts but this must be a gaslight of all malware because it's gonna do what it has done after everytime I get a clean bill of health and leave a forum,the malware starts taking over the machine again along with all sorts of remote connections and I have no choice but to shut it down for the night and unplug power and ethernet cable. Crazy making. It's next to impossible to catch it to see what it's doing as it's doing it. If this is all just windows 10 then no wonder people were freaking out when it first came out and everyone was worried about privacy and whatnot. I mean it's like you're being monitored of everything which you kinda expect but when it starts changing things. How come many services are greyed out so that I change change it from there. And are more and more services triggered, I am not setting them to trigger. Machine processes and resources get used that I'm not using myself in the operation of the machine. Guess the only thing to do short of wiping everything (which I should probably just do) is take some screen shots of what looks like malware activity as it's happening. It affects my phone too of course. I've reset it numerous times. Thank you for explaining about "other user" and thank you for your help. Like I said I'll gather any evidence of malware I can, in whatever form I can. I just feel like there's more than a windows 10 thing-not with the account as you explained but the other weird stuff that happens. I hope I'm wrong. If I gather more logs or screen shots, I'll come back and start a new thread. I'm starting to implement "tips.. " from top of this forum so I'm sure that will help too. Thank you
  2. Hi Kevin Thank you for your help . I physically disconnected both HDDs(boths power and data plugs) so it's running on just the SSD. Ran Malwarebytes Anti rootkit but it doesn't find anything. Says no malware found. The have a trial membership with sophos home and it keeps bringing up a file ipnetinfo.zip. Also, and I took a screenshot of it. About 2 to 3 weeks ago and a new windows account appeared. I did not make this account. It asks a question about domains right there. I did not do this , I didn't even make the account. I do have two accounts on the machine "giant" and "pk 141" but other user is not me. I'm the only one that has access to this machine. And the psychedelic screensaver thing I think I've had for years and years , I came with some other software, I forget now what it was. Can I go right into where the file is and just delete it? But as for Malwarebytes, it says I'm clean. But I've had this malware hide files on the machine, then flush the data. Hidden volumes that say they are recovery disks and probably are but other stuff has gotten stored on them. This "other user" account has got me baffled, I'm posititve I did not create that account. Whatever this thing is it seems to have administrative control through some remote access. All that gets turned off anyway when ever I have to reset-never liked having those accessible. I also have started taking counter measures by following the post at the top of this forum Tips to help prevent infection. Made a proton email address and oh yeah the vpn they offer for free, is it safe to use their free vpn or is it worth paying for ? I'm trying to shop around for a good vpn and a good anti virus. Thanks again
  3. Hi Here is the next log. The times do not look right.. And so I got the same "new threats were found..during cleanup" . Since it's taking about 2-4 hours per scan, it's most likely going to find "new threats" each time just because it cannot successfully fix or remove the malware. But I don't really think the issue is that. What I've been experiencing these past few months is something I've never come across or seen before. Sometimes I think that just since I got this computer last year and started for the first time using windows 10, that because ms is so intensive with all the processes it utilizes, I could be mistaking some what is going on with ms and win10 however I've seen some malware do some crazy ish, like change windows account passwords, change and set to trigger and lock many of the services. Screenshot of some services below. So should I run sophos again? Thank you so much for your help. ~~~~~~~.txt
  4. Hi thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Here are the logs. "New threats were found on your computer during cleanup..." So I'm running it again. SophosVirusRemovalToolXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.txt
  5. Incidentally, I believe the hackers files to be on the HDD's or in the other partition of the main drive , the ssd. So you may not see them on this partition. I had looked up a folder I didn't know "shldr" and it led me to this forum with a problem very similar to mine. I found the folder on the D drive which is one of my backup HDDs, not my main drive. Thank you.
  6. This hard-to-catch, tricky rootkit that no one can seem to find but I know it's there. Here are logs from Farbar: Thank you . FRST4-28.txt Addition4-28.txt
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