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  1. Yes can we do the clean up and resetting thing and I think the windows scanner might be broken or something it was scanning and it was at 2,368,876 files and my pc is kinda new and it showed 2337 detections something like that the numbers might be a little of here is a picture of it and it froze towards the end too I had to cancel it.


  2. I did the kaspersky scan right know after turning on my computer it didnt find anything but new problems appeard like windows defender crashing and my screen flickers to and also glass wire has been showing connectios and data being sent threw hypertext Transfer Protocal and its http not secure so that to and the kaspersky scan came out clean but when i click details it shows two proccesing errors and glass wire is showing a large amount of bandwith can i show a screenshot?

  3. No only my account the Omar one is one that I share with a friend because he needed one anyway so I asked him if I can use it to ask a question with it because I didn’t want to be a bother and ask it on this forum changing up the subject it’s a long story but I got a message on my email that you responded so I tried to click it but it didn’t log me into the account so I just logged into the other one and responded on it but no the other one doesn’t really belong to me the Roberto one does Omar is my friends that is kinda mine it’s confusing but I reset the password in this one already so I can respond with it.

  4. So i went threw some of the connections some are special address block ips something like not sure what that is and the iphone connection is my phone for some reason my pc is communicating with my phone and also i have 282.2 Mb incomming it went up alot since last time i checked it

  5. I’m not sure if this is malware related but I just downloaded glasswire two days ago got recommended by a friend and he told me you can see what’s going on on you computer and stuff so I downloaded it to my surprise that NT Kernal & system connecting to random hosts all over the world and also other computers I think and also windows hosts services, it’s about 184 hosts it’s connecting to so not sure and also a couple days ago some guy on discord threatened to get into my computer and rat it not sure if that has anything to do with it I already ran malwarebytes and it didn’t find anything I just want to know if that’s normal and if it’s possible for that guy that threatened me to get into my pc and rat it and also I’m not sure if he got my Ip he said he did but I just ignored him I haven’t been ddosed so he was probably all bark no bite.

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