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  1. Yeah till now i don't have any problems anymore, i think i can start with the cleanup?
  2. Ok, done the part with powershell. Oh ok, i think the windows firewall turned off, when i had to disable "Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center" but not sure on that, at some point it automatically turned off.
  3. Oh and i accidentally activated Windows firewall. We turned it off at some point, right? Should i disable it again?
  4. Sorry, which 4 lines? I had to copy just the 1 long line, no? I've made a picture of what i copy pasted. Yeah sorry for making it more difficult for you again. I'll try to explain better. 1. The window shows the "Protection History". i found the same window, but in english. It's not mine, just a random picture from the internet.(2nd picture) Unter "All recent items" it says: 1st line "maintenance incomplete" - "serious" 2+3+4th line "threat blocked" - "serious" 2. No, there is no option to delete them. I can only select allow for 2 of the "serious" marked. The rest have no option at all.
  5. When i try to copy & paste the line, it says the registration key / value couldn't be found.
  6. Oh and no locked out files were shown this time.
  7. No new threats were detected, just some warnings from the 18th.
  8. *After the scan it went back to the first line, then i copy pasted...
  9. After "Start-MpScan" it began to scan. After it went back to the first line i copy pasted "remove-mpthreat" and tapped Enter, but nothing happend, just a new line appeared for typing. Then i closed Powershell.
  10. Sorry for making it even more difficult for you due to the language difference 😅 Logs attached. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Windows scan didn't find new threats, but there were some locked out file, which he passed to scan i think. Can i just delete them and it's fine? I made a screenshot of it. And in the "Notifications" section are several things that say, they are being launched, but they don't launch. (2nd screenshot)
  12. Windows Update worked, the Feature update ver. 20H2 was installed. No further updates were found.
  13. I Updated WinRAR, deleted the rest, didn't use them anyways.
  14. Hey Maurice, here it is. SecurityCheck.txt
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