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  1. Yes, with virustotal only. How about other files that are 1-2 years old, have 0-1 detections on virustotal and started to be shown on virustotal yesterday? Is current issue affecting only files reported here, or it also affects unreported false detections? I see that some other files from my other projects are now shown on VT with different "Malware.AI.xyz" numbers starting 2021-04-15 as only detection and I am not sure if I should report them here or there is ongoing issue with such detections and will be resolved automatically?
  2. After a few hours of silence the problem is back - both files detected again with the same description. I am even able to observe similar detection (with different numbers) on number of different files, unrelated to my project / company.
  3. Is there anything I/you could do to make VT show "undetected"?
  4. Hello, One of components of our product started being detected by Malwarebytes as "Malware.AI" on virustotal. It shows in some undeterministic manner (once its shown, once it is not). For 64 bit this is the only one detection. I believe this is a mistake, those files are in safe use since 2019. File is attached below, password is false_positive I hope this fill be fixed soon. Best regards David false_positive.zip
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