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  1. How did I even get this malware? I don't remember getting an extension that is malware. Except for the Weather one. But Google removed it in time. Also I deleted Adwcleaner and reinstalled it to try and fix it. Does this affect the adware?
  2. Oh wait.. Silly me. I can't find the extension which means its been deleted. That's why it was getting detected for 3 days. Thanks AdvancedSetup. Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner truly is a savior.
  3. Only one problem, it seems I can't find the extension and seems to be hidden in Google Chrome itself. (the files) Do I go in to the files to find the hidden extension?
  4. Wait, I have 2 anti-viruses. Norton just blocked vfgrse.com even though I think the items has been quarantined. Is this bad? Please respond quickly. I need this help right now. It's been occuring way to much. And please don't make me use the Google Chrome Un sync and Sync again trick. I've done it before and it did nothing.
  5. Recently I've done a scan with Adwcleaner and it detected 1 file that was dangerous so I thought I'd quarantine the file then delete it. But that wasn't the case when I went to the quarantine tab. It wasn't there! I clicked everywhere to see where it was, but still couldn't find it. I don't know where the file went but I hope my laptop is safe. The version is I don't know where the file is but can anyone help me with this? I heard other people had this problem to but I didn't understand what the forum meant. Please explain it to me in a very easy and simple way as I don't know much about malware/viruses/etc.
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