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  1. Exactly the same issue, reports as an outgoing Trojan. Only way around at the moment, which is hardly a way around, is to completely turn off MalwareBytes, in which case I am now completely unprotected and have software I am paying for but not using. Not good. Someone at MalwareBytes dropped a clanger it would seem. Discord is not a Trojan guys, certainly not an outgoing one from our PCs. This needs fixing, pronto.
  2. Hello there, I've been using Malwarebytes Premium for something like two years now, and suddenly today (about 11:45AM, GMT, about 15 minutes ago), it decides Discord is a Trojan, and even adding Discords exe, folder, etc to the exceptions, even turning real time protection off, still throttles it. No messages can be sent or received. What gives?
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