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  1. I'm ready to format the whole PC, Maurice, unless you have a final ultimate solution that could get whatever is closing all the anti-malware software automatically. Maybe a leftover corrupted windows file?
  2. And what do you know, I double and triple checked every process with autoruns and when I booted normally for the first time and tried installing avast AV, it closed automatically. Something is still on my PC.
  3. I've used hacks of this sort before without issue, but let me tell you--one serious virus was enough. With rootkit scan enabled it appears that no items have been detected, attached is the log. Maurice, at this stage, if it was your PC, would you allow a normal (e.g. not safe) boot? The device hasn't left safe mode since this issue started. Frankly, I've been too scared to even though I manually checked every process that runs on startup. I also appreciate your thoroughness, even though I'm familiar with windows systems and the anti-malware software we've been discussing, your instruction is exceptionally clear and succinct. Thank you. Standing by for further advice. MBlog.txt
  4. Hello again, Maurice. Scan took two hours (multiple large hard drives) and found 7 detections. Three of any concern: another virus hiding in Themes: icsys.icn.exe and two other things hiding in the recycle bin. There were other potentially unsafe programs that I knew about but hadn't used in a while so I removed those as well. I understand that to fully ensure a clean system, a fresh install of windows is helpful, although I don't have the space to back up much of so I'll be contending with that after any further recommendations you have. Attached is the ESET log. Thank you again. ESETlog.txt
  5. Hi, Maurice. So between the time the initial topic was created and now, I found a weird "vlsd" process in the startup menu. I rebooted back into safe mode and removed that file and others I didn't recognize from startup. Here you can see what is related to this virus. I attempted to alleviate any of the conditions the modified system files would concoct. After some deep file scrubbing, using adw and tdsskiller (killer didn't find anything), I rebooted into safe mode + networking and managed to get good ol' malwarebytes to install. MB found Backdoor.NetWiredRC.E registry entry which I promptly quarantined and removed. As I'm typing this the MBAR software is running and has detected a trojan agent in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\explorer.exe. I got that cleaned up as well. Attached is the log file it spat out. I'd appreciate any further advice before I bring my main desktop fully back online. Thank you again. system-log.txt
  6. I recently torrented software from a trusted uploaded on THAT website, and now something has access to my PC that shouldn’t possess it. Malware bytes and other anti malware software like adw and far are are being closed automatically. My free antivirus Avira is still working normally, and I’ve launched at least a dozen scans. It’s not reporting any further malware but I know it’s there. Notepad is among the software that auto closes as well. please advise, I do have a laptop nearby if that will help any. I’m ready at my phone to provide any necessary information.
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