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  1. Hi Kevin, Status of the laptop is that there are no more alerts and it is working fine. I would assume that whatever happened with remain a mystery but it has gone away. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated Kind regards, Francesco
  2. Hi Kevin, Sorry for the delay. Fix and scan done and the logs are attached. Thank you once again. Kind regards, Francesco Fixlog.txt msert.log
  3. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your support. The scans with Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner were negative, aside from a pup (from an old programme whose install I triggered by mistake). I left the laptop offline and on-sleep overnight. Found it rebooted in the morning and when opening Powerpoint I have no alerts anymore. Just saying it in case it might be of any relevance. Thanks again, Francesco Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes scan - negative.txt
  4. I have a recurring issue with Malwarebyes and Powerpoint. On the first occasion: - I open up Powerpoint and get a Malwarebyes alert saying that "Website blocked due to Trojan" (Please see attachment) - I run a scan, Malwarebytes flags a registry entry and cleans it - I reboot and the firewall (Windows Firewall + Glasswire) and a Spybot Antibeacon are broken. Very badly messed up, tried to reinstall them with not results. I do not have copies of tiles or the details of the register entry that was deleted as I have formatted the laptop. I now have reinstalled the system from scratch as I cannot be without a working firewall and: - I open up Powerpoint for a blank presentation and I get the same alert (Please see attachment) - I run POWERPNT.EXE through Virustotal with no positive outcome - Save the .pptx file, run it through Virustotal with no positive outcome - I test the blocked url on a brower through Virustotal with no positive outcome - I scan the laptop with Malwarebyes with no positive outcome - I scan the laptop with Bitdefender with no positive outcome Despite all of this everytime I open Powerpoint, I get the same message. This is regardless of me opening any file .ppt or .pptx file or a blank presentation. All this is quite weird aside that Powerpoint should not be calling any website, this is leaving aside that I have blocked Powerpoint to get any access to the net at firewall level. Does anyone have an idea of what is going wrong? Thank you in advance. Doc2.docx
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