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  1. Thanks Porthos,..sorry posted in th wrong place,.. The program and site look reliable,..been around for a while,..can it be investingated as a false possitive,or is the http,issue a given?..
  2. Hi Im interested to use the program WinAudit to provide smart data for my and others pc,s that i assist with,...Malwarebytes Browserguard blocks the program as a possible trojan,..does anyone know if this is a false possitive?.. Thanks very much.
  3. Ok will do,thanks for your help,..much appreciated,.. Take care John
  4. Hmm,..the one thing i daftly didnt think of,.. At the moment im a full time carer for my partner,..not a problem but buying an AV at this time is unlikelly,..cash wont allow,at least in th near future,.. i dont particullaly like 360,..at the moment i only use it because i ocassionally stream old movies online and it has a sandbox feature,..i was thinking lets change it for a free emisoft or bitdefender a couple weeks ago,when all of a sudden i couldnt get sandboxie or sndboxie +,to run Firefox...no idea why,..maybe i,ll just stream movies using linix in future,.. This system is
  5. Hi Porthos Thanks for your reply Here are logs you requested Thanks very much for your assistance mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hi Ive just tried to iclean install the latest Malwarebytes,i uninstalled the old version first ,..using geek uninstaller,..(program seemed to be getting a bit slow to open,although that could just be me),but worked fine.. I installed malwarebytes 4.3.0 (actually same version as was just uninstalled),ran it once,..no problem,..went onto other tasks,.. When i went to run the program later,i found it didnt seem to be installed,.but there were remnant folders,and registry keys,..i deleted those,reinstalled Malwarebytes again and got a small yellow triangle error,similar to driver i
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