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  1. I have the same problem with netio.sys but I use ProtonVPN instead of PIA. Does the issue arise from openvpn (which I think is also used in ProtonVPN in addition to PIA)? Is there a known workaround for ProtonVPN as there is for PIA? Also I noticed that using the browser extension of malwarebytes protected me from a website with a trojan. What I wanted to know is, since I currently have the web protection shield disabled due to netio.sys BSOD, can the browser extension completely substitute the disabled web protection shield of Malwarebytes? The extension does not produce any BSODs, but t
  2. I don't have PIA software so this cannot be blamed on incompatible apps, not all users have them. Whether this is the case or not, the problem with multiple BSODs (not just the netio.sys one) started after an update on MB side. This means that this whole batch of BSODs was not caused by many individual software causing this one by one, but rather by MB becoming incompatible with all those after an update. At the moment I am running MB with 2 of the 4 shields off (one due to these BSODs and another one for a separate issue). I hope you can see the problem with this. I appreciate all our effort
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