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  1. Yes in one off the other threads I was asked to post in Followed recommendations. Removed a few things that was no longer used. After reinstalling now working fine.
  2. Removed Macrium reflect. Guess I used it or tried it at one point to clone a drive. Not currently using so removed. Application updates checked, Notification line is missing now. Beta still checked (should I leave it?) I think as far as MB goes you have fixed the issue and I thank you. I will still sort through those autoruns that you flagged.
  3. Switched to Beta, updated and restarted. Still no issues that I can see. Opens just fine and no not responding messages. Thank you for the detailed info on the autoruns. I will need to look at each suggestion and see if I can make sense of them. The Seagate ones were easy as I do not use it so I removed the 2 entries. I do use drop box so i will look at that. You also mentioned to remove the one drive entry or update it? Now I do use One drive. So in that case what do I do? Thanks again. Almost there I hope :)
  4. That version opens in 5 or 6 seconds doesn't matter if the items listed are checked on or off. Opens from task bar as well.
  5. I will try that one now. Attached is the autoruns zip file DESKTOP-9QAKMUE.zip
  6. it was from clicking on the desktop icon. A couple minutes to open the interface and another couple to stabilize to use it. Often clicking the mouse on the interface would lead to the not responding in the title for the first few minutes. Trying to open from the tray didn't seem much different.
  7. I was able to update to the newest nvidea driver without issue and that was a one time crash. is there something in the images I sent you that makes you think I need to do this? Thanks again for the help. Currently I do not have MB installed
  8. I see two issues that keep repeating every day to few days Repetier server stopped working and Seagate dashboard stopped working. I do not print 3D from my computer so I do not think Repetier is needed so I removed it. I also am not using the Seagate external drives so I removed the dashboard as well. I do see the shutdown that happened a couple of days ago that lead me to make sure it wasn't a virus. That is when I found MB to take so long to open and not respond properly. It was a hardware error with the following details. Source Windows Summary Hardware error
  9. Samsung C drive: Drive health Good, Drive Temp normal (43 degrees C ) Short scan 100%, Smart self test passed Performance benchmark Read 3522, Write 3309, Random IOPS read 310791, write 233886 Firmware UTD Drive D Sandisk (user folders on Drive D. Using Dashboard Life remaining 99% Firmware UTD Smart diagnostic short test. No problems found Drive E life remaining 100% firmware UTD Smart diagnostic short test. No problems found
  10. Thanks again for the help 3 powershells available I ran x86 PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-PhysicalDisk | Format-Table -Autosize Number FriendlyName SerialNumber MediaType CanPool OperationalStatus HealthStatus Usage Size ------ ------------ ------------ --------- ------- ----------------- ------------ ----- ---- 0 SanDisk Ultra II 960GB 165261426292 SSD False OK Healthy Auto-Select ...5 GB 1 SanDisk SDSSDXPS480G 153252401211 SSD False OK
  11. Files attached after MB removed. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. I did as you suggested. Removed Bonjour. I do not believe the zcash miner is running (it was something I tried quite a while ago. It was manually started. The file is now in quarantine in MB. Not sure why it did this except I attempted to run it to make sure it was not active when you mentioned it. I ran FRST64 and it did find some errors in the C: file system that was repaired with the next boot with chkdsk Unfortunately Malwarebytes is still slow to open. and once again is greyed out and says Not Responding. Everything else seems to run at normal speeds.
  13. I submitted the report to false detections. Stuart
  14. I was asked to post these here as likely false detections dimchain files.txt
  15. Thanks again. I posted to the malware removal section as asked. Also the Corel files reported as malware were dimchain.exe files which after searching it is not clear that they are malware. Should I do anything with that? Link to my dump files https://we.tl/t-KgvR7AqXve
  16. I posted in the windows section and was asked to run Farbar and post here. My issue is that Malwarebytes takes at least 5 minutes to load and stabilize. It reports not responding for a while. I attached the Farbar files. Not sure where the threat scan logs are located. Didn't see one so named under logs in program data Addition.txt FRST.txt
  17. Thanks for the quick response. I did run the toll and it installed a new copy I think but never asked to reboot during the process. I did run fix windows BFE as in the above screenshots and then it did ask to reboot. Interesting as it may coincide with what you said above, the logs below were under public desktop not my user folder. mbst-grab-results.zip
  18. I have been using Malwarebytes with no issues as far as I know. The other day my computer shut down unexpectantly when I opened an email program Mozzilla Thunderbird. (never happened before) On restarting the computer seemed sluggish. Several restarts later seemed back to normal. I tried to run a scan but the program would not open. It eventually did but kept saying not responding for a while. eventually ran a scan which found some threats in Corel Draw which seemed odd. Took care of them and further scans show no issues but Malwarebytes still takes forever to open. I did run the supp
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