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  1. Asus TUF Gaming B460 Plus Intel processor I5-10400F
  2. It's good to know it's not infected! Yes,I did built it on my own Do you have any idea how to fix theses drivers and faulting applications?
  3. Hello, I built a new pc yesterday I noticed my cpu at 50% plus when idle/browsing with no heavy programs running. Everytime I run the task manager or similar programs I downloaded online, the CPU usage will always go down to around 1-5%. I ran a total scan using avast and I dont see any malicious file. I can't see what process/program is the culprit because everytime I check it on the task manager, the usage will suddenly drop and I can no longer see which one is using all the cpu. I've seen similar posts online and here, and tried to resolve it but I dont see any suspicious file and I really don't know which process is the malware. My Setup is: i5 10400f Processor, GTX 1660 super 6gb, 16GB Ram, Windows 10. I hope you can help me find some solution or better yet pinpoint the cause. Forgive my english. Thanks a lot
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