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  1. I have been defending, pro se a very illegal foreclosure case since 2012. The opposing law firm sent me a 300 page motion. I forward this motion to a friend of mine. We were going through each document when we discovered 2 documents stating my mortgage was paid in full. We intended to come back to these pages after taking a break. When we tried to get back to these 2 documents, they were gone. My friend who I had sent this 300 page motion is knowledgable in PDF Root Kit Viruses. At this time, we didn't know of the level of this virus. I then filed a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crime Division
  2. The opposing law firm's attorney sent me huge 300 page motion with a PDF Root Kit Virus in it. I had the basic Malwarebytes installed in my Mac Mini. I believe the virus to be a level 5. The virus has done serious damage to my Nisus Pro appellate court documents and some PDF files. I believe the attorney that sent this file has been detained by the FBI Cyber Crime Division. I recently went to the Apple Store in Naperville, Illinois. The 'tech' guy installed, again the basic Malwarebytes. Did a scan and didn't detect the virus, but it is still in my computer. Question: Will a paid subscrip
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