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  1. yesterday i did a full scan (but before uninstalling and reinstalling the browser guard) with the antivirus and one full scan with the tool of another antivirus because i had another problem with another extension (i also asked help in the forum of the tool that found the virus, i can send you the discussion of their forum to see if both problems are connected). both, the antivirus and the tool, said that my pc was clean.
  2. i did it and now the browser guard works, also there isn't any "repair button" and there are no more messages on the page of the web store. so it was just a glitch/bug (or something else, i don't know how to call it) and it wasn't nothing dangerous?
  3. no, in the second message i just asked for a confirmation. if i have to just uninstall and reinstall, i'll do it now
  4. the browser guard it is not active, so it doesn't work and it doesn't show on the top-right (where all the active extensions are). in the first image i posted you can see what i see, there is no button to activate or deactivate it but only the repair button.
  5. so do i need just to remove the extension and then reinstall it? if can help, it happen during a single session. i openened the browser (with the browser guard enabled that was working normally) i did a few things, and when i was closing the browser (i usually see stats from the browser guard and ublock) i see that in the extensions bar there was no icon for the browser guard, then i opened the extensions page and i saw that
  6. hello, as for the title, yesterday your extension "malwarebytes browser guard" has been marked by the browser with this phrase "This extension may have been corrupted." and also in the store this shows up "This item has been disabled in Chrome." i'm using the brave browser why is this happaning and what should i do? small OT because i also sent a ticket but with the wrong email
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