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  1. OK; now I see that this must be the wagd stuff ... just now I could see that _com.setmktdsings.asmitasmkutapp_ appears as _AppSettings_ ... I wonder that the cryptic name never was mentioned before ...
  2. I have here a Gigaset GS170 that is concerned of the wagd malware (see https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/gigaset-allgemein.2916/tayase-malware-auf-gigaset-smartphones.974787.html#post-12538242) ... there is com.wagd.gem, com.wagd.smarter, com.wagd.xiaoan – and com.redstone.ota.ui is also installed (seems to have been installed by the manufacturer and have been on the device from the beginning). I installed malwarebytes app that found _com.setmktdsings.asmitasmkutapp_ ... what is that??? It was not displayed when last listed installed apps by adb platform-tools.
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