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  1. yeah, those are expat prices. You can find cheaper accommodation here, but nothing our clients would like. Japanese apartments are quite small, generally, and about 6 inches too short countertop wise.
  2. If Japan is interesting, the more interesting content we host is here, very bloggish. H&R Group K.K. | Providing a wide range of mobility-related services in Japan. (morethanrelo.com)
  3. Just a business site, learned a lot from losing control over it for a brief period... thanks!
  4. MWB Support, The relojapan.com domain is currently flagged by your system. It was hacked previously, but the issue has been resolved. If you could please rescan we would appreciate it. The site was cleaned and we implemente sitelock on top of that, so it is definitely clean. Please advise if there is more I can provide to help resolve the issue. Thank you, Ray
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