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  1. New logs from FSRT scan are attached. I don't think I disabled the malware security when I ran the FSRT scan from my admin account however, would it hurt anything to run the fix again? The issues I had before are mostly resolved, however I did click on an unknown link, and ran the fix without security disabled as advised. It would make me feel better if I could try again with a revised fixlist. If running a diagnostic and fix again is not advised, I will leave well enough alone. Thanks again for the support, I certainly appreciate greatly everything. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Okay, that is correct I completed this process with my user account instead of my admin account; my mistake. Although, it may have worked in my favor because shortly afterward I received a facebook message from "Facebook login security" citing a possible illegitimate login and absent-mindedly I clicked on it. I don't know if this had an effect on my computer. After this, I signed out of my user account and signed into my admin account. I reapplied all of the instructions and ran FSRT fix again with the Fixlist, this time it took much longer, and ran the disk scan upon restarting.
  3. Good morning, Beginning the process lined out, these are the steps I have taken in chronological order. The Acronis VSSDoctor Scan found some errors in VSS Providers Configuration. There was an unknown entry in addition to the verified Microsoft entry. I tried saving the report which registers in my file explorer, but upon opening the file there is nothing except for the location and name, file explorer asks if I would like to create a file, I decline. In the VSSDoctor program, clicked the fix issues button once, was given a prompt detailing the consequences of fixing the issue,
  4. I have updated to 20H2 with the additional feature 3/2020 update. Farbar 64bit has been downloaded, FRST and Additional text files are attached. Thanks for the assistance, I certainly appreciate. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Okay, update: I have contacted Microsoft support and was deferred to help.microsoft.com. As per instructions I rolled-back the recent updates. My activation problem comes from a discrepancy between the 1904 and 20H2 updates in Windows. I have not yet figured out why the security updates were not applied when I updated everything after switching from S-mode. I have been curious, though, and I searched problems that occurred with imposter driver updates, and found this page: Malware in Disguised Installed Automatically without Prohibition - Microsoft Community (this is an answers.
  6. I will try and activate again, I am getting error (reads like a MAC: 0x) (__)C004C003. Was a different code yesterday, and I activated, and updated. Although there was an Updated Microsoft Security update that didn't complete said it would do it later. I'm feeling a bit like a conspiracy theorist here, but I know just enough about this OS that I can tell something is off.
  7. I would like to say that my issue is resolved, but I don't know if it is; I am still experiencing these problems: My wifi menu is displaying differently at different times, sometimes everything is grey and others there is a black outline around the window displaying the network to which I am connected. Some notifications have two messages overlayed on top of eachother. (see picture) I have already activated windows yet this notification is here. The flashing windows icon on startup has gotten worse, it varies but flashes more than it did in S mode. There are still inconsistenci
  8. Okay I have removed S mode from the computer, however I am still concerned there is something not quite right with my Windows system; its as if drivers are updating and adding services without my permission. I have made my primary local account a user account, while a tempADMIN account will have admin privileges. Is it possible for something to propagate within windows and disguise itself as utilities and system files? I guess I could be paranoid, but I can't shake the feeling that something has made its way into my machine, and is surviving through factory resets. Upon the most rec
  9. I have switched the computer out of S mode to Windows 10 home. I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes and ran the scan but found no issues. I will reset the computer and see if issues persist.
  10. I was keen to give windows a chance with the S mode, however I am aware it would prevent the use of additional software to remedy a problem should something make its way into the operating system. If needed I can get back to the factory settings with a system image recovery, so I am going to take the computer out of S mode and go from there.
  11. Good evening, I have recently purchased a Microsoft Laptop Go which came with Windows 10 in S mode. Upon initial observation the windows version was labeled as 'core,' I believe it was 64bit. I have recently updated windows and since then, the startup process displays characteristics that cause me concern. First, the Windows logo flashes at least once, and sometimes more times on startup. Also, scrolling through the start menu and various web pages is not smooth. There are visual discrepancies that happen in both areas. When I try factory reset, there are cmd windows that briefly appear a
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