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  1. i am lost... these pages mess me up.. Thank you Advance Setup; i was successful in restoring everything as well as the Virus i have been fighting. My hacker says Hello... LOL what a nut he is... But in the thick of it you were very professional and very understanding. I dont know how to give you an achievement award so i will settle with the work is its own award... I think that sucks but it is to hard to communicate in this forum. if you have any idea how to get rid of this virus that malware bytes can even control or find let me know... thanks again...
  2. okay so i did do it right. however my file was incorrect cause of a copy. it was.........frst64 (2).exe sorry for the headache. hit me when ever cause i only sleep 5 hours out of every 48 when you wanna get it done and i will get on. FRST.txt
  3. That's why I asked you if you had instant messenger because you can do screen shares with that and be a lot simpler if you seen what I was doing and explain to me what I was doing wrong
  4. I didn't load any of it to my comp. I just sent it all to the usb. I thought this was going to be easy. I was wrong. I also thought I was smarter then this... So I apologize for dragging this out.
  5. Wow... feeling really stupid. Trying to make sense of this sh!t. Trying to figure out how I am to use win10 to build. See what you are saying now. I don't load the farbar to the usb but have to use the usb to burn it. If I am wrong you can give up.
  6. isnt the faber the setup for frst.exe? does it have to be on a seperate drive?
  7. just got home and fired my other computer... getting ready to follow your instructions.... it is 1730 her are you going to be around?
  8. I did what was asked, however one screen popped up and I didn't completely catch it.
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